Wide Mouth Square Stackable Plastic IBC Tote

Wide Mouth Square Stackable Plastic IBC Tote

Large Lid opening facilitates mixing or agitation of liquids an cleaning, sanitizing or drying of the tank interior.

Stacking capacity is 2-3 units high (depending on container size, weight and temperature exposure).

Wide Mouth Square Stackable Brochure

Wide Mouth Square Stackable Specifications
Part Number Capacity Tare Weight Length Width Height
330 Premium 330 Gallons 257 lbs 45" 45" 63 1/2"
330 HD 330 Gallons 240 lbs 45" 45" 59"
275 Premium 275 Gallons 232 lbs 45" 45" 56"
275 HD 275 Gallons 215 lbs 45" 45" 51 1/2"
220 Premium 220 Gallons 211 lbs 45" 45" 48 1/2"
220 HD 220 Gallons 184 lbs 45" 45" 44"

All dimensions and tare weights are approximate.

Wide Mouth Square Stackable

Wide Mouth Square Stackable V.S One Way Caged IBC Advantages

Wide Mouth Square Stackable IBCs One Way Caged IBCs
More durable, 1/2" HDPE wall thickness is reusable hundreds of trips. Thin 1/8" wall thickness limites reuse to a few trips.
Easier to clean with 18" lid opening and full access to container interior. Small 5" lid opening restricts access to tank interior.
Faster, more complete drainage with 2" full port valve and fully sloped bottom. Flat, warped bottom with smaller drain opening results in containers not draining complete, which wastes valuable contents and makes cleaning and/or refilling more difficult.
Top design protects fill/vent ports and allows liquids to run off. Bottle top sags and liquids pool around lid opening when store outdoors.

Wide Mouth Square Stackable V.S Stainless Steel IBC Advantages

Snyder Wide Mouth Square Stackable IBCs Stainless Steel IBCs
Comparable useful life an function at a fraction of the cost. 3-4 times the cost