Saf-Tainer Saf-Tainer basin and stand holding a Square Stackable with optional grating Saf-Tainer Basin Saf-Tainer Basin Saf-Tainer Stand Saf-Tainer Stand


“Protect your company against hazardous IBC spills with the portable, cost effective protection of Saf-Tainer” It’s the most cost effective system on the market today. The unique polyethylene design reduces the risk of unrecoverable spills and protects the environment. It’s economical price and versatile design saves you money while safely addressing your company’s ever-changing environmental concerns.


  • Meets 40 CFR 264.175 which satisfies containment regulations.
  • 100% polyethylene construction which offers superior corrosion and chemical resistance.
  • 8000 lb. static load capacity which allows it to handle heavier loads.
  • Sump with drain plug making it easy to drain and clean.
  • Portable and lightweight allows you to move Saf-Tainer where it’s needed.

Saf-tainer Brochure

Component Length Width Height Weight Load Bearing Capacity Liquid Capacity
Basin 66" 66" 29 1/2" 92 lbs 500 Gallons
Stand 52" 52" 30" 190 lbs 8000 lbs load
Basin/Stand 66" 66" 30" 282 lbs 8000 lbs load 485 Gallons