CageBuster® Plastic 275 & 330 Gallon IBC Tote

CageBuster Plastic 275 & 330 gallon IBC Tote PATENT #11,014,738
PATENT #11,027,903
PATENT #11,091,293
PATENT #11,279,554
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Uncage Environmental Sustainability...

Dirty Caged IBC Tote

...and eliminate wasteful, caged IBC totes

Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, or a container service company, if your company is reusing caged IBC totes, the business case decision to switch to the CageBuster IBC is the obvious choice. When you consider the initial investment, expected useful life, and ongoing MRO costs, the math is pretty simple.

CageBuster Costs over 50% Less Per Trip Over Time!

  Cagebuster Caged IBC
Estimated Life Expectancy 40+ Trips 4-6 Trips
Useful Life Cost per Trip $10.00 - $12.00/Trip
(Includes 30 month recertification expense)
$23.34 - $40.00/Trip
(Excludes Any Replacement Bottle Expense)

*The above data is based on end user surveys, relating to IBC purchase cost and expected useful life. IBC life expectancy can vary depending on the application.

Estimated Useful Life Savings with CageBuster Per Fleet Size

Fleet Size Lifetime Savings Savings/Year*
250 Units $130,900 $26,180
500 Units $261,800 $52,360
1000 Units $523,600 $104,720
2500 Units $1,309,000 $261,800
5000 Units $2,618,000 $523,600
10000 Units $5,236,000 $1,047,200

*The above calculations assume 8 trips/year and a 5 year Useful Life.

While the initial purchase cost of the Caged IBC is a little cheaper, the CageBuster pays for itself in only 2-3 Trips, with no additional ongoing replacement, repair, and related freight expenses associated with the lightweight cage design. Besides a cost savings of over 50% for the life of the CageBuster compared to Caged IBCs, the CageBuster also provides a better performing, more rugged IBC design, which will provide your company with more peace of mind in addressing safety and environmental concerns.

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Features & Advantages

100% Polyethylene Tank Construction

resists corrosion and chemical attack associated with metal cages.

Free Standing Tank Design

eliminates need for metal cage, which also makes exterior tank cleaning easier with no cage obstruction.

Revolutionary Legged Container Shape

provides maximum stacking strength, and recessed protection for placard label locations.

Sloped Drain Trough

provides faster and more complete draining than caged IBCs.

CageBuster Plastic Food Grade IBC Tote Patent No. 11,091,293

Valve & Lid Thread Connections

are compatible with many Caged IBC components, and a 2” replaceable bung port is available as an option.

Curved Radius Side Walls

allows easier, more ergonomic access to top ports.

Company Branding

or other proprietary information can be permanently molded into the tank side wall.

UN 31H2 (IBC) certified

for the transportation of packing group II and III hazardous materials.

CageBuster Food Grade Tote Top

Unique Castle Structure

provides superior strength, which resists warpage and liquid pooling issues on aging caged IBCs.


CageBuster poly tote Stack

Innovative Stacking Lug

enables CageBuster to stack with itself and most caged IBC designs.


CageBuster Pallet

100% Recycled Plastic Pallet

design provides a more robust, versatile IBC base, that is conveyor friendly and includes an “anti-skid” feature to prevent the IBC from sliding in trailers.

Forklift Puncture

3 Times Thicker Container Wall

is molded from a more durable rotational molding process, which protects better against forklift damage.



Capacity (gal) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
275 48 40 52 203
330 48 40 58.75 220
Note: All dimensions and tare weights are approximate.


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