Payloader Plastic IBC Tote

40x48 Payloader Plastic IBC Tote
40x48 Payloader Truckload
275 Gal stacks 2-high x 2-wide in a 53 ft. Trailer or Hi Cube Marine Container.
40x48 Payloader Stacking Compatibility
Stacking compatible with one-way totes with steel pallet base and other 40" x 48" totes. The optional stack discharge system (above) allows a transport tank to be stacked on top of a secondary tank, transferring liquid to the lower tank.
40x48 Payloader Top
Top design with 6" lid and replaceable angle or center bung allows for installation of optional draw tube discharge assemblies, vents or pressure relief valves.

Space saving footprint...lowers inbound freight cost with more tanks per load in trailers and sea containers.

Stacking compatible with one-way cage and other 40" x 48" IBC Totes.


  • Lower profile design with 6" HD screw cover and Sii vacuum vent is positioned near the front of the tote for easy fill and bung access.
  • More secure stacking with molded-in corner posts.
  • More durable, longer lasting rotational molded base design.
  • 4-way pallet entry with optional anti-teeter straps on front and back.
  • Superior 2" Sii valve connection.
  • Faster, more complete drainage.
  • Calibration marking in Gallons and Liters on front and back.
  • FDA compliant polyethylene resin.
  • Optional molded-in company logo.
  • Designed for UN31H2 for Packing group II and III materials per Title 49 CFR.

40x48 Payloader Brochure
Capacity Tare Weight Dimensions (LxWxH) Units per 53' Trailer Units per 20' Ocean Container Units per 40' HC Ocean Container
275 gal 228 lbs 48 x 40 x 52.3" 60 units 9 units 40 units
330 gal 250 lbs 48 x 40 x 60.3" 50 units* 9 units 27 units*

*Top row stacked on side.
All dimensions and tare weights are approximate.
Designed for Test Pressure: 14.7 P.S.I.G./1.53 S.G.
Stacking capacity is 2-3 units high (depending on container size, weight and temperature exposure.)