Why Choose Snyder IBC Tote Tanks

Snyder Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are uniquely designed and manufactured to improve the safety and performance of transporting, storing, and dispensing materials for your company and on-site at your customer’s plants. Customers typically choose Snyder IBC tote tanks over alternative container products to capture one or more of the following benefits.

IBC Totes and Containers

Closed Loop Reusable Container Functionality

Good for your company, your customers, and the environment.

One way disposable drums and IBCs create unnecessary work, waste and risks. Customers are burdened with the costs and labor to segregate, clean, and dispose of one way containers, and the suppliers shipping one way containers could be liable for any misuse of the container and/or its contents on the way to disposal or an attempted reuse of the container in some other applications. There is also the potential risk of a worker being exposed to chemicals during the required triple rinsing and inspection of used one way containers before they will be accepted by a reconditioning or disposal service.

Conversely, a closed loop returnable container system not only eliminates most of the issues associated with one-way containers, but generally provides a more robust container design and improved functional performance for both the shipper and the user. From an economic point of view, Snyder’s returnable and refillable containers are built to last for many trips over many years, so the cost per gallon on the investment becomes fractional over time.

In an effort to maximize the efficiency and safety of a closed loop container design, Snyder IBCs can come equipped with tamper evident and/or proof devices that ensure returned containers can be quickly approved for refilling and released for the next shipment. Snyder IBCs can also be marked with permanent company and product identification data, and/or come equipped with a telemetry monitoring device to help identify containers and coordinate return logistics.

Square Stackable IBC Totes

Superior Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

Compatible Solutions for Any Application

Regardless of the application, Snyder Industries has an IBC solution that will maximize the resistance to chemical attack and corrosion, which will reduce the replacement and maintenance costs associated with IBCs not designed for specific application requirements. Preventing the misapplication of an IBC not only increases the probability of avoiding unnecessary accidents, but also helps ensure a longer IBC useful life.

Other IBC manufacturers may be limited by one type of material construction or manufacturing process preference, which makes it difficult for them to be completely impartial in making product recommendations in some applications, while Snyder representatives can make recommendations on a wide array of applications with no bias to any one particular IBC material construction, manufacturing process, or design type.

Another added benefit enjoyed by Snyder customers is the ability to combine purchases of different IBC and tank products for a variety of applications, and qualify for deeper discounts, which helps improve their company's bottom line.

Snyder IBC Tote Durability

Maximum Durability and Safety Factors

Built to Last, While Protecting Property and Personnel

From unrelenting raw material qualification processes to the careful finite element analysis of different product design features, Snyder’s engineering expertise draws from over 55 years of practical experience to determine the optimum IBC design for specific application requirements. Once an IBC design successfully completes United States Department of Transportation test requirements and passes Snyder’s rigid internal 1st article approval protocol, the IBC is released for production and monitored by an industry leading quality assurance infrastructure to ensure consistent IBC performance over the long term.

Snyder plastic IBCs are known for their revolutionary thick walled construction, which is molded from a proprietary processing technology, resulting in world class durability in the most demanding applications. Cut out samples from Snyder’s plastic IBCs can be frozen to -40 degree Fahrenheit and subjected to as much as 200 ft. lbs. of dart impact force to help confirm maximum impact strength capabilities, which delivers containers that can withstand the most severe “real world” abuse for many years.

In IBC applications not compatible with a plastic material construction, Snyder also manufactures a complete line of stainless and carbon steel IBCs, which are better suited for high temperature and flammable material applications. In fact, some applications may require a combination of steel and plastic, which is also a good match with Snyder Industries’ unique capabilities, as the only company to manufacture steel, plastic, and composite IBCs.

IBC Tote Yard Shot

Optimum Useful Life to Cost Performance

The Best Returnable IBC Value in the Industry

When a company accounts for the initial investment and the number of trips and years an IBC endures throughout its life, there is no better value than Snyder’s plastic IBCs. The combination of superior impact strength and chemical resistance is unmatched within the plastic and composite IBC industry, which not only results in a much longer useful life, but also a significant reduction in annual maintenance and replacement part costs associated with other IBC designs.

In addition to generating a better tangible return as a productive company asset, the mere presence of a Snyder IBC can also demonstrate a higher commitment to quality and safety by a company to both employees and customers that is not always inferred with the use of other IBC products, which can be a significant intangible benefit for Snyder IBC owners.

In applications where plastic IBCs might not be feasible, Snyder’s stainless and carbon steel IBCs are also built to provide long lasting value and a meaningful return on investment. Steel IBCs are constructed of heavy gauged steel, and welded together by a combination of the latest robotic technology and a team of highly skilled welders to ensure maximum IBC durability for the intended application.

Custom IBC Totes

Customizable Design Features

IBC Function can be Customized to Meet Exact Requirements

No one IBC design is suitable for all applications, despite some IBC suppliers’ claims. Snyder Industries not only has the broadest selection of standard IBC products available in the market, but also has the capability to modify existing products to meet specific functional needs, or custom design a brand new IBC to address unique application requirements.

Whether a customer wants to improve IBC filling or dispensing functionality or increase the safety factor of a container in a particular application, Snyder's design flexibility can address most customer's performance desires. Besides offering a full line of accessories and components to interface with most IBC designs, Snyder IBC dimensions and shapes can be reconfigured to achieve the desired performance results.

Being the only IBC manufacturer of steel, plastic, and composite IBCs gives Snyder more design options in customizing IBCs for almost any application.

Company Branded Custom IBC Totes

Reinforce Company Branding Strategies

An IBC can be an Extension of a Branding Strategy

Some customer personnel's first interaction with a supplier can be the moment an IBC delivers product to their facility, and the initial impression of an IBCs design and function can be one of the factors that contributes to the customer's opinion of the supply company's product and service performance. Many companies view IBCs as product packaging, which reflects their organization’s values and culture, and they choose to create an IBC design that best represents the image they wish to portray, and/or support a company branding strategy.

Snyder IBCs can be designed with a unique appearance or functionality to further differentiate the container and contents from the competition. Some companies may decide to utilize a custom design with their own proprietary shape, size, and color to maximize package differentiation, while other companies may simply want their company logo permanently marked on the container with a different color combination, so the IBC is easily recognizable by their customers.

Regardless of a company’s branding strategy, Snyder IBCs can be designed to support the most unique packaging objectives.