Cargo Valve Container

Cargo Valve Containers

The UN31A Cargo Valve Liquitote IBC was designed to comply with the DOT’s Special Provision 12412. DOT - SP12412 IS commonly referred to as the pump-off special permit, which allows for the discharge of combustible and flammable liquids from an IBC while it is located on a transport vehicle. Under this special permit, only IBCs with bottom discharge systems that include emergency shut-off valves are permitted to discharge hazardous material from a trailer or flat bed. The Cargo Liquitote IBC is a one-piece 10-gauge (.135”/3.4 mm) stainless steel liquitote body with single-seam welding which provides greater strength due to a 50% less weld area, and an 8-gauge (.165”/4.2 mm) bottom.

The Cargo Valve Tote can hold, transport, and discharge hazardous and flammable materials while on the back of a trailer or flat bed. To comply with the special permit’s requirements that each emergency shut-off valve system must have three means of closure, the Snyder Cargo Valve Liquitote’s all 316 stainless steel cargo valve assembly includes the closure system noted in specifications.


  • 10 gauge (.135"/3.4 mm), 304 Stainless Steel with 2B finish
  • 8 gauge (.165"/4.2 mm) sloped bottom
  • Stackable with sloped design center drain
  • Heavy-duty lifting lugs and leg positioners
  • 22" (55.8 cm) top opening/manway with fill port, EPDM gasket, Zinc-plated bolted clamp ring, formed neck
  • 3" (7.62 cm) Stainless steel pressure vacuum relief fill cap
  • 2" (5.08 cm) Top fill bung with EPDM gasket
  • Fork Lift Channels: 2-way fork channels with two fork bars welded to fork channels for 4-way lifting ability
  • Cargo Valve Assembly: Meets the three methods of closure requirement of DOT's SP 12412
  • UN Markings


Capacity Length Width Height Approx Tare Weight Max Gross Weight
350 gal 48" 42" 55.5" 635 lbs 6,200 lbs
500 gal 48” 42” 74” 800 lbs 8,641 lbs
Note: Both versions available with valve on either 42" side or 48" side.