Tank Armor

Unusual Chemical Attack Requires a Different Storage Solution

Tank Armor™ Patent Pending

Some chemical formulations can attack stainless steel and permeate plastics. Snyder exclusive Tank Armor™ process protects the inner wall of the steel tank from damaging oxidizers and the steel is resistant to any hydrocarbons that might permeate the plastic.

Pitting corrosion in Polymer lined stainless steel tank caused by oxidizing chemical attack.

Tank Armor™ provides a proprietary Polymer lining that bonds with carbon and stainless steel process tanks to form a seamless 1/4" barrier wall on all wetted surfaces.

Polymer Lining
Tank Armor Polymer Lining #PEB 869N

Inside Tank
Tank Armor™ is available in IBCs and other container, tanker and portable off shore vessel applications.

Tank Armor™ Brochure

ArmorTainer™ Patent No.: US 10,865,040 B2

Supertainer Steel IBC Tote Tank

DOT UN31A permits shipment of flammable and combustible liquids.

Polymer Lining

Typical tank configuration for polymer lining is cylindrical with domed heads or spherical with 204" maximum overall dimensions.