Gravity Feed Systems

Gravity Feed Systems

Gravity Feed Systems include tanks, 24" Stand, Gravity Feed Accessory Package, Spring Valves and Drip Tray Kit.

Part Number Description
1033600N95401 60/60/60/60 Gravity Feed System
1033200N95401 60/60/60 Gravity Feed System
1032700N95401 80/80 Gravity Feed System
1033500N95401 80/80/80 Gravity Feed System
1034400N95401 80/80/80/80 Gravity Feed System
1033300N95401 60/60/120 Gravity Feed System
1032800N95401 80/120 Gravity Feed System
1032200N95402 120 Gravity Feed System
1032900N95401 120/120 Gravity Feed System
1034300N95401 120/120/120 Gravity Feed System
1033400N95401 60/60/180 Gravity Feed System
1033000N95401 120/180 Gravity Feed System
1032300N95402 180 Gravity Feed System
1033100N95401 180/180 Gravity Feed System
1032400N95402 260 Gravity Feed System

Gravity Feed System Assembly Instructions

Cubetainer Fill Line Kit

Cubetainer Fill Line Kit

The Cubetainer Fill Line Kit would be for filling the top tank on taller (over 84") Gravity Feed Systems. The kit includes top tank connection fittings, 1" fill hose, 1" brass ball valve, 1" male camlock fill connection, dust cap and leg bracket. The bottom fill connection is bracketed to the stand leg.

Part Number Description
34702925 Cubetainer Gravity Feed System Fill Line Kit
Gravity Feed Accessories

Gravity Feed Accessory Packages

Gravity Feed Accessory Packages Include: 1" tubing, hose connectors, hose clamps, sealant and elbow kit.

Note: Snyder Industries approved parts. Any generic substitute installed on a Snyder Industries tank or container may invalidate product warranty protection.

Cubetainer Tank Accessory Packages

Part Number Description
34702299 2 Tank Accessory Package
34702300 3 Tank Accessory Package
34702301 4 Tank Accessory Package

Cubetainer Gravity Feed Accessories

Part Number Description
34100542 1" Elbow
34100534 1" Poly Straight Fitting
33000342 1" Poly Tubing - 1 Foot
35900427 Hose Clamps
99300085 Thread Sealant (2 oz. Tube)