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Rollout Carts

40-100 Gallons

Our Automated Rollout Containers are designed for easy pickup by all fully-automated trucks, allowing for reduced labor and injury costs as well as increased speed and efficiency. All containers can be lifted by the same automatic lifter without additional adjustment.

Rotomolded from high quality polyethylene, the containers can withstand harsh treatment. They are also resilient to tearing and cracking while maintaining its aesthetic appearance for years. Built-in ultra-violet stabilizers protect against the sun, preventing containers from becoming brittle.

Snyder’s Rollout Carts never need to be painted and will not crack, dent, or rust. Their smooth inside walls ensure refuse is dumped cleanly to minimize call backs.

Model Height Width Depth F.O.B.
40 Gallon 33" 25" 24" Lake Wales, FL
60 Gallon 40" 28" 32" Lake Wales, FL
65 Gallon 43" 26-3/4" 31" Chino, CA
90 Gallon 43" 31" 35" Lake Wales, FL
96 Gallon 43-1/2" 29-1/2" 37" Chino, CA
100 Gallon 46" 31" 35" Brigham City, UT

Note: Container specifications vary slightly based on product mold