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Rear Load Dumpsters

2-3 Cubic Yards

Our rear loads are fully compatible with kick-bar and winch collection systems. They feature Steel reinforcement underneath for extra rigidity.


  • Trunnion bar sits underneath specially designed molded lip
  • Cable guard on lid bar to prevent lid rod bending
  • Steel plate in the rear of the container protects it from cable during lifting
  • Steel cable ring
  • Up to 30% lighter than same size metal containers
  • Up to 30 decibels quieter than comparable metal containers
  • Available with or without casters and trainable for easy moving
  • Low maintenance, dent resistant, easy to clean and no painting required
  • Body will not rust or corrode
  • Dual lids are standard and containers accommodate universal lids
  • Lid rods are one piece metal to keep lids securely attached
  • Industry standard 6” casters

Model Width Depth Height Load Rating F.O.B.
2 YARD RL 78" 44" 51" 1000 lbs Marked Tree, AR
Chino, CA
3 YARD RL 78" 50" 67" 1500 lbs Marked Tree, AR

Note: Container specifications vary slightly based on product mold

Options & Accessories

Post Mold Labeling

Post Mold Labeling

  • Place company logo here with a custom in-mold plate or post mold graphic
  • In-mold plate area is 9.25”w x 5.25”h
Universal Trainable & Bottom Pockets

Universal Trainable & Bottom Pockets

  • Trainable bar connects to spring-loaded hitch, securely attaching containers for smooth towing
  • Universal Trainable and bottom pockets available on all 2yd, 3yd and 4yd sizes
Casters & Recycling Slot

Casters & Recycling Slot

  • Standard 6” rubber on steel casters available
  • Heavy Duty 8” casters available for trainable applications
  • Neoprene washers used to seal bolted caster plates to prevent container leaking
  • 6x57” Recycling Slot available on all dumpsters.
Lid Lock Bar

Locking Chain

  • Locking chain option available for our rear load, compactor and side loads