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Front Load Dumpsters

2-8 Cubic Yards

The lightweight Snyder Refuse Hybrid 2, 3, and 4-yard trash bins are ideal for your most difficult roll-out applications. The Hybrid line is rotationally molded from high quality HDPE plastic and has steel reinforcements in high impact areas. This makes them tough enough to handle your daily pick-ups. Hybrid containers eliminate the need for costly weld repairs and repainting that plagues metal containers. The Hybrid containers won’t rust and are dent resistant, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance expenses. Our Hybrid containers are up to 35 dB quieter than comparable steel containers. This allows for earlier collections times and greater flexibility in route scheduling.

Our Hybrid 6 and 8-yard trash bins are ideal for your heaviest applications. Restaurants, schools, and food waste recycling programs are just a few applications that have heavy, wet, and odorous waste. The Snyder Refuse 6 and 8-yard container body won’t rust, even in the wettest applications. The inside of the plastic Hybrid is smooth, so garbage won't bind when dumping – this minimizes odors and critters. Our 6 and 8 yard Hybrid containers are designed with bottom reinforcements so they can handle the large loads without sagging or warping. The containers come in Flat Top and Slant models so there is a Hybrid that can meet all your collection needs.


  • Universal Lid Bar Design accommodates industry standard lids and keeps lids straight
  • Powder coated steel resists rust
  • Lid opens 270° against back of container
  • Ribbed sides and bottom designed for added strength
  • Pockets are mounted to molded undercuts and wall, distributing the load across container
  • UV resistant for long term exposure to sunlight
  • Available with or without casters. Quick release pad design makes changing in the field easy

Model Width Depth Height Load Rating F.O.B.
2 YARD FL 80" 41" 55" 1000 lbs Marked Tree, AR
Chino, CA
3 YARD FL 80" 49" 64" 1500 lbs Marked Tree, AR
Chino, CA
4 YARD FL 80" 59" 70" 2500 lbs Marked Tree, AR
6 YARD FLAT TOP 80" 78" 64" 3500 lbs Marked Tree, AR
6 YARD FL SLANT TOP 80" 78" 64" 3500 lbs Marked Tree, AR
Burnet, TX
8 YARD FL FLAT TOP 80" 78" 82" 5000 lbs Marked Tree, AR
8 YARD FL SLANT TOP 80" 78" 82" 5000 lbs Marked Tree, AR

Note: Container specifications vary slightly based on product mold

Options & Accessories

Post Mold Labeling

Post Mold Labeling

  • Place company logo here with a custom in-mold plate or post mold graphic
  • In-mold plate area is 9.25”w x 5.25”h
Universal Trainable & Bottom Pockets

Universal Trainable & Bottom Pockets

  • Trainable bar connects to spring-loaded hitch, securely attaching containers for smooth towing
  • Universal Trainable and bottom pockets available on all 2yd, 3yd and 4yd sizes
Casters, Windows, & Recycling Slot

Casters, Windows, & Recycling Slot

  • Standard 6” rubber on steel casters available
  • Heavy Duty 8” casters available for trainable applications
  • Neoprene washers used to seal bolted caster plates to prevent container leaking
  • 28x24” sliding windows available on 8YD Flat
  • 20x18” sliding windows available on 8YD Slant
  • 6x57” Recycling Slot available on all dumpsters.
Lid Lock Bar

Lid Lock Bar

  • Manual lock bar fits all our front loads