Flowmaster Viscous Liquid Hopper Patent: US 7475796 B2

Flowmaster Viscous Liquid Hoppers

Specifically designed for viscous liquids used in a variety of industry, Flowmaster's 45º cone bottom slope helps facilitate faster, more complete flow in the most stubborn viscous liquid applications.

Flowmaster Viscous Brochure


  • All Plastic, HDLPE construction complies with FDA, NSF and USDA standards.
  • Translucent bottle allows viewing of material levels with level indicators.
  • Seamless, smooth interior surface offers excellent flow characteristics and is easy to clean.
  • Eliminates corrosion concerns and associated maintenance costs.
  • Heavy duty plastic stands are forklift and pallet jack accessible and come in a variety of colors to help designate specific applications.
  • 12” screw on cap secures container contents.
  • Molded 2” and 3” threaded outlet for camlock type outlet fitting.
  • Ball valve can be positioned vertically or horizontally.
  • Stackable 2-3 units high depending on size, weight and temperature exposure.

Bin Capacity Tank Height 45º Slope Tank Height 60º Slope
190 Gallons 54 3/4" 69"
300 Gallons 67" 81 1/4"
375 Gallons 76 1/4" 90 3/4"
450 Gallons 83 3/4" 98"
600 Gallons 100 1/2" N/A
Sanitary Viscous Hoppers

Sanitary Viscous Hoppers

Sanitary Viscous Liquid Handling for a Variety of Industries that handle viscous liquids in a sanitary environment.

Sanitary Viscous Brochure


  • All Plastic HDPE construction
  • Complies with applicable FDA, NSF and USDA standards.
  • Seamless, smooth interior surface provides excellent flow characteristics and is easy to clean.
  • Large, non-threaded 22” opening for container access.
  • HDPE cover with lever lock clamp ring design and full food grade gasket.
  • Translucent bin enables users to monitor material usage through the tank wall without ancillary equipment.
  • Unique sanitary seamless discharge bottom outlet is compatible with a variety of sanitary valves.
  • Ideal for food products, lotions, cremes, pigments, flavorings, toothpastes, and much more.
  • Stackable Design.

Bin Capacity Tank Height
190 Gallons 54 3/4"
300 Gallons 67"
375 Gallons 76 1/4"
450 Gallons 83 3/4"
600 Gallons 100 1/2"
Heavy Lift Viscous Flowmaster Hoppers

Heavy Lift Viscous Flowmaster Hoppers

Heavy duty top lift hopper lid designed specifically where lifting of heavy materials is critical, such as off-shore and catalyst markets.

Flowmaster Heavy Lift Brochure


  • Bulk Density Rating of 100 lbs. per cubic foot.
  • Reinforced Top Lifting Eyelets.
  • Multiple Discharge Outlet sizes - 8”, 10”, 12” Flanged outlets.
  • UN/DOT design available.
  • 45º or 60º standard hopper angles.


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