Our History

Snyder Utility is a special division of Snyder Industries, Inc. The Thermodynamics Brand of Snyder Utility was first established in 1977. Our products are used in many different markets - from new residential construction and conversion of established neighborhoods with electrical overhead cable to underground distribution to telecommunications and other utilities. Snyder Utility offices are based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The manufacturing facility is located in Bensenville, Illinois. For over 35 years Snyder Industries has been building a wide range of standard and specialty plastic molded products. We look forward to the opportunity of quoting on your plastic molded products. Contact us for more information about our company, our products and our engineering/design capabilities.

Polymer Solutions

Since the Thermodynamics brand was first introduced over 35 years ago, time has demonstrated the outstanding performance weather ability and durability of the technology and materials used. The process is unique in that parts are formed hollow with even wall thickness and seamless construction. Unlike injection or structural foam molding, parts are formed from linear polyethylene and are molded stress free, which improves impact resistance and long term durability over a wide temperature range. Today, advancements in materials, improved technology, process controls, computer modeling, and finite element analysis optimize product design and value.

Consider These Benefits

  • Seamless, one piece molded from tough, impact resistant linear density polyethylene polymer that will not dent.
  • Corners and critical areas are strengthened with ribs and additional material.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) stabilized color, for excellent resistance to sunlight.
  • Material selected for wide temperature range from below -40°F and exceeding 140°F.
  • Material will not rust or corrode. FEA designed for superior strength and stability.
  • Pedestals require no grounding.
  • No exposed metal on inside of pedestals.
  • Lighter weight reduces shipping costs.

Snyder Enclosure Technical Performance Specifications

Snyder Industries products conform and are approved for use by the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Utilities Programs Electric Programs dated October 2011. Snyder Industries utility products have met the acceptance of the (USDA) United States Dept of Agriculture, (R.U.S.) Rural Utility Service and are listed with this organization.

  • UV8 Stability Code ASTM D638/ASTMD1499
  • UL 94 HB Fire Resistance Rating (FLAMMABILITY)
  • Resin grade level base on ASTM Standards
  • Deflection Temperature Rating ASTM D648
  • Tensile Strength CODE ASTM D638 (PSI)
  • Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 (PSI)
  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) ASTM D1693 (HOURS)
  • Density Resin Range < 0.925 g/cm