Square Stackable LP IBC Tote

Square Stackable LP IBC Tote

Now available in a space saving low profile (LP) design, lowering inbound freight costs with more tanks per load in trailers.

Stacking compatible with Sii Premium and HD base Square Stackable IBC totes.

Square Stackable LP Brochure

Square Stackable LP Specifications
Capacity Tare Weight Length Width Height
120 Gallons 198 lbs 45" 45" 32"
220 Gallons 226 lbs 45" 45" 45"
275 Gallons 244 lbs 45" 45" 55"
330 Gallons 330 lbs 45" 45" 62"

All dimensions and tare weights are approximate. Designed for Test Pressure: 14.7 P.S.I.B./1.9 S.G.

Stacking capacity is 2-3 units high (depending on container size, weight and temperature exposures).