CageMaster Caged IBC Tote

CageMaster™ IBC Tote

Whether you have an old fleet of caged IBCs, or you are interested in acquiring new caged IBCs, Snyder's new CageMaster™ is uniquely designed to be stacking compatible with most existing caged IBC products. The CageMaster™ is UN/DOT certified and can be used for replacing old bottle/pillows in caged IBCs, including our competition. You now have more options procuring both cages and bottles to modernize your fleets capabilities.

Moreover, the interchangeable inner bottle provides better functionality and performance than other caged IBC bottles with a more structurally sound design, improved draining capabilities, and superior fittings and valve options at a price that makes sense.

CageMaster™ is available in 220 and 330 gallon sizes.

CageMaster™ Brochure

CageMaster Specifications
Capacity Length Width Height Tare Weight
220 Gallons 48" 40" 52 5/8" 475 lbs
330 Gallons 48" 40" 66 1/8" 550 lbs
Cagemaster IBC Tote